The moon and the sun; so different yet so similar

The sun has been around since the beginning of the solar system. The moon is a little younger than that. They are both unique in the sense that we cannot do without them. I remember reading somewhere that the dinosaurs became extinct partly because sunlight was obliterated and the vegetation the dinosaurs depended upon disappeared because of severe cooling of our planet! Imaging what will happen to us without sunlight: Imaging the total disappearance of the moon!

The moon and the sun are similar in the sense that they both give us light. The sun gives warm to hot sunlight while the moon gives soothing moonlight. The sun brightens our days and the moon our nights. They both rise in the east and set in the west!  They are both round in configuration. When there is a solar eclipse, and is total, they both look of the same size! We do know however, that the sun is the largest structure in the solar system! It is obviously not the same size as the moon.

The sun is the focus of our planet as the center of the solar system which formed over 4.6 billion years ago. The earth moves around (orbits) the sun while the moon, on the other hand, moves around (orbits) the earth. The sun is a fiery stuff. It is inhabitable and we may not be able to reach it. Remember Icarus! The moon, on the other hand, is a cool stuff. We have even been there, walked on it, took some rock samples.

Each time I lock my camera lens on the moon and the sun, I see the differences.

The sun is blinding, very unfriendly. The rays are scattered in different directions. There are obvious reflections on surfaces particularly water surfaces such as the lake or the ocean. Tracking my lens through tree branches or corn fields tend to exaggerate the sun’s rays. Several colored reflections could be seen. A huge halo or perhaps a rainbow is almost always present around the sun. Sun rise and sun set are so colorful with various shades of significantly bright fiery orange color lighting up the sky! Does it want to set us on fire? Even when it finally sets and you cannot see it, the colors on the sky line are just as majestic. A reminder that it is not done with us!

The moon, on the other hand, is friendly. It is cool. It always tells me all will be OK! Very rarely do you see the rays. Perhaps some mild halo around it but by and large the margins are clean. Seeing it on a cloudless day is a wonderful sight particularly when it is full. Sometimes I think it is moving! Light clouds are easily penetrated and you could see the moon just hiding behind the clouds. Sometime it comes with its own rainbow or halo surrounding it! Once it sets, it usually leaves no trace of its presence.

I have selected some photos to show the differences and similarities of the sun and the moon. Enjoy.