My Expanding Butterfly World

Recently I had the opportunity to enjoy my passion for butterflies. I had to revisit one of my old gardens, the Butterfly Wonderland in Scottsdale Arizona AZ. I also visited, for the first time, the Butterfly World, Coconut Creek Florida FL. Both facilities are in the Southern United States US; one in the Arid hot Arizona AZ desert and the other in the semi tropical Florida FL.

The Coconut Creek facility happens to be different from many other butterfly facilities I had visited. It has a mesh wire enclosure both on the sides and in the roof thus allowing natural ventilation and open to direct sunshine and rain. The facilities I had visited previously had been glass or Perspex enclosure and air-conditioned. One of them, in particular, was so humid that it took my camera about fifteen minutes to acclimatize to allow the fog on the lens and the LCD to clear before I could begin to use my camera.

The Coconut Creek Florida FL Butterfly World was airy and naturally well ventilated. It is the largest facility that I have visited; it actually says in the official guide that it is the largest butterfly park in the world! Apart from the butterfly section, there are several aviaries that hold a variety of birds, a number of large gardens for flowers with a variety of Passiflora and many more species of flowers including roses. There is a lake with a walk-on “Tinalandia Suspension Bridge”, a plant nursery and shop, a gift shop and a cafe. There are several other facilities for research and farming of butterflies and plants. I did not have time to visit the museum.

I have included in this blog some of the butterflies and plants that I photographed in these two facilities for your pleasure and enjoyment. I have not attempted to identify them by name in this blog. Some of these are also on my Dreamstime site where they are well described. You could even buy high resolution images of some of these beautiful ‘things’ on my Dreamstime site.

( where other photographs can be purchased; most of the photos on this website and more are also available for purchase at this site).

Feed your eyes and have fun.

If there are some specific things or ones you need, please don’t hesitate to contact me at or through the contact site of this website.

New butterflies

These days, everywhere I go I look for the most beautiful things, the butterflies! Whenever I see one I try to stalk it! Usually this leads me to the other ones and the most beautiful flowers. If a special butterfly garden exists in any town or city I visit, I always make the effort to visit. The beauty of these magnificent insects manifests in their colors. There appears to be some grace and skill in their flight; some appear erratic while some appear to have a pattern to their direction of flight. Some are slow while others show some energy and speed. Some keep coming back to the same spot and flower, perhaps this spot or flower offers something they want or need! Others stay briefly on a flower and move on appearing to be directionless. Yet, some make brief stops at different stations perhaps looking for something that they can not quite find. I observe some staying permanently on the spot; tired, sick, resigned to fate or have found a permanent abode? Some share feeding stations, each taking what it needs. In trying to escape the cold weather some alter their physical attributes to cope with the flight over thousands of miles to nest and survive the harsh conditions in a more comfortable environment only to come back when they think conditions are favorable in their old home! To me, all these behaviors serve as metaphor for life. Our life!

The Butchart Gardens

The Butchart Gardens,

Vancouver Island,

800 Benvenuto Ave, Brentwood Bay, BC V8X 3X4



The Butchart gardens is located on Vancouver Island off the coast of British Columbia in Canada.

The Butchart gardens is one of the most beautiful places in the world that I have visited. I have been there three times which says something about my love for the place. There are several ways to get there. These are provided in the link attached to this blog.

It is a serene environment that offers a breathtaking view of this once abandoned quarry now converted to one of the most beautiful gardens in the world. It is peaceful and calming. Lose your worries and smell the flowers! Slow down a little bit and get in into nature. You cannot but smile or laugh and show appreciation for the great work done here as you take in the beauty of the place. It is also on a bay offering an extended view of the blue/turquoise waters of the Brentwood bay. The layout is such that the aroma or the scent of the flowers and trees change as one moves from place to place along the paved walkways. Strategically placed benches allow you to sit down, bite into an apple, eat a sandwich, take a sip of water or rest your weary legs!

A beautiful large fountain is located in the depth of the old quarry. Several steps lead into the edge of the large fountain. There are several well-manicured lawns, smaller fountains and ponds surrounded by beautiful hedges. There are some ponds with walkways. Several sculptures are visible all over the garden.

Here below is a sample of what you can see. High resolution images of these and more images are available upon request.


More information about Butchart Gardens is available at