Here comes the sun as in sunflower

I love the sun for its warmth and sanitation! Particularly when it rises in the mornings and sets in the evenings; the golden glow of the golden hours. But it is so far away.

Sunflower reminds me of the same things. But I can hold it! The bright yellow ray florets (sometime variegated as in ring of fire) arranged around the disc florets always present the unmistakable call saying I am warm, I am genuine. It always lights up wherever you find it. You cannot but notice it. It always puts a smile on my face!

Sunflowers, particularly the young ones, are said to track and follow the sun. Both do have something in common! Entering a sunflower field always creates some frenzy. People want to hug them. They want to stand next to them. They want to play with them. It is always a time for taking pictures.

The fuzziness of the green sepals at the back looks like white hair standing on end! The robust stem is always standing erect allowing the flower to do its thing!

Flip through these photos I have selected and enjoy them.