Octave Photographers

Photos by Matthew F. Omojola MD

After over four decades of medical practice in academia, I returned to my first love which is photography. I have always had a camera as far back as I can remember particularly since my medical school days. I love to take photos of family members, on my various travels as I moved through various countries for my practice obligations, at meetings and vacations visiting interesting sites, or on trips just stopping by the road side to photograph interesting sites. I have decided to devote my retirement life to this passion that I have always had but not adequately fulfilled due to my real professional life.

I have always enjoyed nature and landscapes, monuments, gardens, and of course portraits of family members, friends and loved ones. I would rather take photos at events than sit and be a passive observer. It had always been a pleasurable hobby.

Now that I do this full time, if you are fascinated by what you see on this website and you think I could be useful to you, don't hesitate to send me an email. I will respond promptly to discuss your needs and I hope I can help.  

We recently added procurement of postcards and greeting cards including holiday cards to our projects. If you see any of the photos on this site that you consider for your use in these regards, don't hesitate to let us know via email. We can do mass mailing of cards particularly for companies or individual proprietorships.

Thank you.