Lekki Conservation Center (LCC) is a nature park located in Lekki peninsula in Lagos State of Nigeria. It is the flagship project of the privately funded Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF). NCF was founded by Late Chief S. L. Edu in 1980.

The vision of the NCF as presented on their website is "A Nigeria where people prosper while living in harmony with nature". LCC is a large preserved portion of Lekki peninsula in its original form comprising a mangrove swamp and a Savannah grassland. It is located at kilometer 19 along Lagos-Epe expressway. It is directly on the southern side of the Expressway opposite the Chevron oil company headquarters.

It has a 2 kilometer boardwalk, a 401-metre long suspended swinging canopy walkway through the mangrove swamp and a family park in the Savannah grassland. The 2 kilometer boardwalk meanders through the mangrove swamp with resting and viewing stations along the way. There is a dense jungle of tall trees of various types forming canopies in the mangrove swamp.

The canopy walkway is said to be the longest canopy walkway in Africa. The foliage bio-diversity in the mangrove swamp is better appreciated as you walk along the canopy walkway. You can touch the trees and leaves at the canopy level. At the highest viewing station, the Atlantic Ocean comes into view on the southern front of the nature park. The surrounding housing developments in the peninsula could also be seen at this level.

There is a tree house within the swamp which also allows better appreciation of the foliage biodiversity at the canopy level.

The savannah grassland has a family park with gazebos, smaller huts, and barbecue stations, floor board games such as Chess, Ludo, and draughts. There are also Tilapia and Koi fish ponds. There were a few birds and animals during our visit. I was very impressed with the biodiversity of this nature park. It was a lot of fun going on the swinging canopy walkway and looking as far as the eyes could see above the flora canopy.

Climbing the tree house was exhilarating for members of our group who were strong enough to do the vertical climb. It was also fun to see the koi fish scramble for food as our tour guide threw some food into the pond.

I now have a better understanding of the nature of the original land in Lekki peninsula before the sand filling and the massive development going on there at the moment. I would recommend that if you are visiting, you should invest in a long sleeve shirt and long pants to avoid insect bites which are expected in this setting. It is perpetually hot and humid in this part of Nigeria. So be prepared for proper hydration as you are likely to sweat profusely as you walk through the hot humid park. I would also recommend a pair of good hiking shoes.

Further information could be obtained at Lekki Conservation Centre (LCC): Treasure on the Peninsula, Proud ...